The Future of Work

3 knowledge & skill-building workshops

The Future of Work – 3 knowledge & skill-building sessions to kick-start your journey towards the future of work

Are you looking for more insights into how to prepare for the future of work? What do companies need to do, know, and implement to keep their competitive advantage and their ability to attract & retain talent?

These 3 workshop sessions take you from understanding through to practical application, case studies and best practices, to give you the needed knowledge and tools to understand and react to the forces that are changing the expectations and requirements for companies all over the world, in the war for talent and survival.

In this workshop series, we take on the topics of “the future of work”, where we will look into how new workforce demands are setting the frame for a drastically different future in the work market, than we’ve seen in the past. Talent attraction, retention and creating a change ready company culture, are a few of the crucial areas where companies today need to adapt, to be successful in the future.  

This is a 3-session workshop, and throughout the 3 sessions we will dive into:  

  • current trends in workforce demands 
  • what your company can do to become an attractive workplace, that attracts talent 
  • What your company can do to retain existing talent, and save money on recruitment 
  • Practical exercises to start identifying your company’s opportunities for improvement 
  • Scenarios and Case studies 
  • And much more 

These sessions will help you and your company better understand where you stand in regards to workforce demands and requirements, and which factors you might need to change in your company, to increase the likelihood of long lasting success, change readiness and attraction of talent.    

The 3 sessions are mutually supportive, and you will get the most out of them if you attend all 3. They are structured as such:  

Session 1: The Why, What and How. Free session! 

An informative session, that provides an understanding of what is currently happening in the workforce and what to expect in the future.  

💻 Attend Online, hosted in collab. with Startup Lisboa, Jan. 20th 2022

📍 Attend at Selina Secret Garden, Jan. 26th 2022

Session 2: Going from idea to action. 25 eur + VAT

Combining knowledge with practical processes that help companies become change flexible and build attractive workplaces, that adapt to the demands of the current and future workforce. 

📍 Attend at Selina Secret Garden, Feb. 17th 2022

📍 Attend at Startup Lisboa, Feb. 22nd 2022

Session 3: Preparing for the future – an interactive workshop. 50 eur + VAT  

Get your hands into the matter, try out your new knowledge and bounce ideas around in a safe environment, with feedback and improvement suggestions. We will be doing scenario cases or you can bring your own scenario, from your own company, for the group to work with (5 scenarios max). INFO: When attending this workshop, you should also have attended workshop2. 

📍 Attend at Selina Secret Garden, March 29th 2022

📍 Attend at Startup Lisboa, March 30th 2022

I look forward to sharing my knowledge, laying a foundation and supporting you and your company, on the journey towards “the future of work”.  


Related material: If you are interested in the topic of “The Future of Work”, you might be interested in the coming Podcast, that’s about to be released, where I guest Carla Serra, an LMS and future of work expert, in a talk about the future of work and how Learning & Development, company culture and recruitment will influence companies in the future.

Link to podcast coming as soon as possible.

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