Core Values to create success

Wordstream has a WeCulture, focusing on Core Values. “… As we grow, having a “playbook” of how we operate becomes more and more important.  These values are the essence of our company.  These are not just words on paper, but something we will strive hard to live by, and we expect you to hold us accountable toContinue reading “Core Values to create success”

Talent retention at it’s best!

With 95% retention rate, this company has a WeCulture; they just don’t know it yet. “You must recruit well to retain well” is one of the core beliefs in the American company, Location Labs, which has a retention rate of 95% throughout the entire company, and never fired a single employee. Core Values and Recruitment ToContinue reading “Talent retention at it’s best!”

Free Tips on Communication. Tip 1: Public Speaking

Hi everyone, thank you for tuning in! In link with my Free tips being released on my Facebook Page, I’d like to share the tips with you, here as well. Feel free to contact me for further elaboration, or follow My Page for more information. I’m very excited about presenting you with the first of my 4 freeContinue reading “Free Tips on Communication. Tip 1: Public Speaking”