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Wordstream has a WeCulture, focusing on Core Values.

“… As we grow, having a “playbook” of how we operate becomes more and more important.  These values are the essence of our company.  These are not just words on paper, but something we will strive hard to live by, and we expect you to hold us accountable to them.”

This Blog Post from Wordstream’s Executive Chairman, Ralph Folz, starts strong and underlines the absolute necessity of having a deeply rooted internal culture, based on Company Core Values, to guide the business and its employees through the struggles of growth and expansion. Anyone who has experienced a company in a period of growth, knows the difficulties of navigating through such a period; prioritising tasks, adapting to changing workflows, and focusing on common, relevant, goals are just a few out of numerous difficulties growth might bring. Therefore, articulating the essence of the company, and what has brought the company to success so far, is crucial to keep employees at all levels working towards the same outcome, with the same fundamental understanding driving them to deliver results.

Core Value Identification Process

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This belief, of Core Values at the heart of a successful business, ties into the fabric of the WeCulture framework. With WeCulture, the first step of moving towards an aligned and continuously successful company, is to identify the Core Values through brainstorming sessions. These sessions should include employees from several segments of the business, with …

“Not one person from the Executive team. I don’t believe values are effective if they are created “top down.” They need to come from the “inside.”  – as Ralph Folz puts it.

In this way, WordStream and WeCulture share a common belief that employees need to be included & feel empowered. Allowing employees to take ownership and responsibility are basic motivational factors and are crucial at times of organisational change, big and small.

Only with a clear sense of the Company Identity will employees be able to independently drive results and achieve excellence – empowering your teams to excel, navigate successfully through periods of growth, and increase your revenue, starts here!

Core Values and Tenets

“I’ve done this a few different times over the years, and refined how to go about this such that we obtain the ultimate outcome: values we believe in and values that truly represent the company.”

Just as Ralph Folz at WordStream, we at WeCulture know that the Core Values are just the tip of the iceberg. Not only do we need to understand “Who” we are as a company, we also need to understand “How” and “What” we are. WeCulture focuses on identifying tenets along with Core Values, to guide your vision for your company and also dedicates an entire chapter in the book “WeCulture – Engage and Empower Teams to Drive Results” to explaining how tenets support Core Values and guide your teams in their everyday work.

Through teamwork, brainstorming sessions, workshops, and interviews, WeCulture tries to guide employees to clearly expressing how they perceive the success of the company they work for, and what makes that specific company & workplace unique. WordStream had several Whiteboard sessions where they sought to dig out their Core Values, by having employees tell their own stories about what made it special to work for WordStream:

“This is what our whiteboard looked like as the team critiqued my initial draft, and we combined them with what we thought the stories were telling us: …”

– these whiteboard sessions facilitated the opportunity to throw ideas around and align on what resonated best with everyone present. Instead of having a top-down process of decision making on “what the company is & stands for”, an inside-out process was found much more efficient, while also establishing a sense of ownership, belonging, and motivational drive, to the employees present and their respective teams.

How Core Values will Drive Revenue

To end this aticle and put the cherry on top of the connection between Wordstream’s successful Core Value focus and the WeCulture framework, the final quite from Wordstream’s Executive Chairman, Ralph Folz says it all:

Why are core values going to triple our revenue?

To use a sports analogy, the teams that accomplish the most and win championships, tend to be closely aligned. Each team member knows their role. The team knows what they stand for. These values will serve this purpose at WordStream. We are providing solutions in an exciting space, with a ton of opportunity. With this alignment in everything we do, there is no stopping us from winning together!”

Find the full article here.


I am sharing these articles to help underline how WeCulture can help businesses reduce costs of attrition, recruitment & new hire training, while retaining talent, empowering teams and driving revenue through a simple set of ready-to-implement processes and procedures. We want to see people happy in their workplace and businesses thrive, and the best way to get these 2 things to harmonize is by having a strong Internal Culture Strategy. If you want to know more about WeCulture and how this process could add value to your company, feel free to reach out!

Cheers – Sarah

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